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    From now on, before our member discount system is officially launched, we will temporarily try out a simplified discount scheme.

    Registered members can enjoy an exchange discount of 0.05% - 0.75% based on the total amount of exchange.

    Members who have completed the identity authentication will immediately enjoy a 0.1% exchange discount . certify now

    According to the total amount of your exchange (in US dollars), each exchange will enjoy a certain discount based on the original exchange rate, and the discount will change according to the following proportion. We will determine the discount manually. If there are omissions, please contact customer service.


    Cumulative Amount    Discount

        >1000$                      0.1%

        >2000$                      0.15%

        >5000$                      0.2%

        >10000$                    0.3%

        >20000$                    0.5%

        >50000$                    0.75%

    Notes: 1. The statistical exchange amount is temporarily subject to the amount of CNY converted into US dollars;

    2. At present, the discount is applicable to the all conversion of CNY vs USD and part USD to USD;

    3. The transition stage of function test is calculated manually, which may not be updated in time. If you have reached the next level discount standard after your own calculation, please inform us of adjustment.

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    Hello can I send funds from my perfect money account to my Skrill account ?!

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    Je comprends pas le U

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