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    Registered members can enjoy an exchange Discount of 0.05% - 0.6% based on the total amount of exchange (in US dollars).

    Members who have completed the identity authentication will immediately enjoy a 0.1% exchange discount . Certify now


    Level Cumulative Amount Discount
    1 >1000$ 0.1%
    2 >2000$ 0.15%
    3 >5000$  0.2%
    4 >10000$  0.3%
    5 >20000$ 0.5%
    6 >50000$  0.6%



    2. Affiliate Program

    Join our Affiliate Program and everyone can earn commission from it!


    You only need to register on our website and log in to your personal account to receive a recommendation link. When a user clicks on your link, you can earn a lasting commission from the transactions . The more frequently users use our services, the higher your commission. You can monitor the details of transactions and commissions in your personal account.


    Each order exchange by a user will receive a theoretical return based on the benchmark price, and you will receive a commission of up to 30% of the exchange profit based on the level of cumulative transaction volume recommended by the user. The minimum withdrawal amount for your commission income is $10.


    Please note that the commission ratio is a percentage of our order's profit, not a percentage of the exchange amount. If you have a mature promotion pipeline with high relevance, you can contact us to improve your initial level.



      Level Accumulated amount Revenue percentage
    1 0-5000 $ 5 %
    2 5,001-10,000 $ 7.5%
    3 10,001-30,000 $ 10 %
    4 30,001-100,000 $ 15 %
    5 100,001- 200,000 $ 20 %
    6 200,001-400,000 $ 25 %
    7 over 400,000 $ 30 %


    You can use our promotional materials for promotion. Recommended channels: private chat between friends/customers, personal website, circle of friends, official account, blog, top link in or below the video.




    Your membership commission level is 20% of the exchange profit. The user logged into the website through your recommended link and exchanged $1000 through CNY USDT. Our net profit from the transaction at that time was 4%. Your profit in the transaction will be 20% of our profit, which is equivalent to $8.


    For more information, please refer to: Member FAQ


    Why choose to become our recommended partner:


    1. Our exchange options are diverse and have potential for customer demand growth.
    2. The profit accounting mechanism is more reasonable and authentic.
    3. It can adapt to the fast and flexible needs of more users and is highly popular among users.


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